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Artikelnamn: Giftbox Scandinavian Pike Selection
Artnr: A-GB-003-011
Lagerstatus: 10st
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Westin Giftbox Scandinavian Pike Selection

Scandinavian Pike Selection

For the big Scandinavian pike you need to bring out the big gun's. HypoTeez ST, ShadTeez and Swim are some of the best catching lures out there, and we can guarantee that your friend will be happy. With the Shallow Screws you can fish all those shallow areas, but we've also included different weights on the ScrewIn jigheads to cover deeper waters and slow to fast fishing. The double stingers are easily attached on the belly and you are ready for your new record pike. Swim is a true casting machine, covering a lot of water and catches fish no matter what you do. Fast or slow, steady retrieve or with stops, Swim will never let you down. The ideal box for the hardcore pike-angler. All colors are hand-painted and selected by Team Westin



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