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Artikelnamn: SPRO SB NANO MEGA JIG SPIN 2.1m
Artnr: 2424212
Lagerstatus: 2st
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These rods are built with Nano Resin Technology. This technology makes the rods lightweight and virtually unbreakable. Besides this, this technology also enhances the sensitivity of the rods. That means that, when using this material, the angler will sense even the most prudent bites. Apart from the Nano Resin Technology, Salty Beast Nano Carbon rods feature a comfortable Fuji reel seat and stainless steel Alps guides; the ideal combination for saltwater anglers.

CNT means Carbon Nano Tube, the most important of all Nano Particles. This technology comes from the French Institute of Aero Space. CNT as a material has excellent physical characteristics and is super strong. For example: CNT is 6x lighter but also 100x stronger than steel. CNT is 30x stronger than IM7 carbon fibre. After years of study and research, finally they found a way to combine this strength and let it do justice in a carbon blank; the Nano-In and Honey Comb blank construction was born.
All tests proof that the rods are lighter and that it increases the modulus-grade by 12%. In addition, the crack and fracture ratio is amazing reduced. The rods are simply much from shock-resistant than conventional rods.
Advantages for the angler:
Lightweight = reduced fatigue
Stronger = virtually unbreakable
More sensitive = More fish

NAMN  Mega Jig Spin 210
LÄNGD 2,10m
VIKT 290gr


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