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Daiwa Model:
Artikelnamn: Daiwa 18 Regal LT 1000D
Artnr: 210175
Lagerstatus: 2st
795,00 kr
Artikelnamn: Daiwa 18 Regal LT 2000D
Artnr: 210176
Lagerstatus: 3-5 dagar längre leveranstid
795,00 kr
Artikelnamn: Daiwa 18 Regal LT 2500D
Artnr: 210177
Lagerstatus: 4st
795,00 kr
Artikelnamn: Daiwa 18 Regal LT 2500D-XH
Artnr: 210178
Lagerstatus: 1st
795,00 kr
Artikelnamn: Daiwa 18 Regal LT 3000D-C
Artnr: 210179
Lagerstatus: 1st
795,00 kr
Artikelnamn: Daiwa 18 Regal LT 3000D-CXH
Artnr: 210180
Lagerstatus: 1st
795,00 kr


Daiwa 18 Regal LT

Daiwa is one of the world leaders in the field of materials and technologies used in the production of fishing gear. The innovations of the Japanese manufacturer were embodied in a series of LT (Light & Tough) coils, which made them not only incredibly light, but also extremely durable. The Daiwa 18 Regal LT reel is one of the lightest models in its class. The 2500D reel weighs only 190 g, which is a great indicator! The 18 Regal LT series includes 6 models in different “weight categories”: 1000D - 180 g, 2000D - 190 g, 2500D and 2500D-XH - 210 g, 3000D-C and 3000D C-XH - 215 g. abilities. In addition to the firm, "velvet course", the coil has incredible power, which manifests itself in tense minutes of a fight with a trophy. The secret of the power of Daiwa 18 Regal LT lies in the precision gears Tough Digigear, which are made in Japan with ultra-precise equipment. The super lightweight Air Rotor rotor from the new DS5 composite material significantly reduces the starting resistance during winding of the fishing line, reduces the overall weight of the coil and balances its work. ATD clutch has not accidentally won the reputation of the most effective braking system. For the fisherman, there is nothing more offensive than the come down trophy. ATD clutch minimizes the chances of annoying gathering, since the impeccability of its work is most pronounced in a fight with a large predator. Size 2000D provides maximum clutch strength of 4 kg. Uniform winding of thin braided fishing line is also not a problem for this coil, capable of carrying out ultra-long casts. The spool is equipped with a rubber ring that prevents tangling of the cord under load.

  • new composite material DS5, durable and lightweight;
  • roller Twist Buster II
  • 9 ball bearings;
  • Air Rotor rotor;
  • The main gear gear Tough Digigear;
  • ATD brake system;
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse infinite (instantaneous) reverse brake;
  • Gyro Spin rotor balancing;
  • Turned aluminum handle and spool.

Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag Pressure (kg) Spool Capacity
1000D 5.2:1 9(1CRBB) 180g 4kg 300m 0,06mm
2000D 5.2:1 9(1CRBB) 190g 4kg 300m 0,10mm
2500D 5.3:1 9(1CRBB) 210g 10kg 300m 0,16mm
2500D-XH 6.2:1 9(1CRBB) 210g 10kg 300m 0,16mm
3000D-C 5.3:1 9(1CRBB) 215g 10kg 300m 0,18mm
3000D-CXH 6.2:1 9(1CRBB) 215g 10kg 300m 0,18mm

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